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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 22, 2011 4:00am-4:30am PST

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new zealand, where a deadly earthquake has rocked the nation's second-largest city. >> dozens are confirmed dead in christchurch. but the toll is expected to go much higher, given the extensive damage. >> a u.s. state department team that was visiting the scene of the quake is okay. >> sadly, the region was just beginning to recover from another major quake last fall. terry moran has the details. >> reporter: it hit shortly after 1:00 p.m. local time. a violent, 6.3 magnitude earthquake, slamming the southern city of christchurch on tuesday. dozens were feared dead. and an unknown number of others were trapped in the rubble. in the aftermath, the city of 400,000, new zealand's second-largest, has the feeling of a combat zone. power was out. roads were destroyed. buildings reduced to ruins. dazed residents wandered through
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the destruction, some bleeding from the head. dramatic scenes of rescue played out. a fire crew plucked a woman from the top of a destroyed office building, where up to 200 employees were believed to be working. an unknown number of them were still trapped inside. >> we have concrete on the fourth floor. >> reporter: people were removed from buildings on stretchers. survivors outside, broke into tears. rescue workers carried ladders to the scene. but the damage appeared extensive. with heavy equipment required to move massive, concrete slabs. witnesses said the quake had knocked the spire off the landmark christchurch cathedral. the quake was centered three miles from the city. a 5.6 magnitude aftershock hit shortly afterwards, centered seven miles from the city. this man was injured by a falling table in his restaurant. but even as he recovered, another aftershock hit. the christchurch airport was reported closed. and the hospital was evacuated after the quake.
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the town has been hit by hundreds of aftershocks since the 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck september 4th last year, in which many were injured. but no one died. terry moran, abc news. >> scary images. the hospital are not only dealing with the wounded but also with a sudden influx of women in labor. the number of births spiked after the september quake. and that same pattern is expected to hold true today. the libyan ambassador to the u.s. said last night, there's no other choice but for long-time leader, moammar gadhafi to step down, following a violent i was filmed this morning sitting in his car. he did this to deny rumors that he had already left the country for south america. jeffrey kofman has more on the protests now entering their seventh day. >> reporter: libya is now burning. rage against the tyranny of moammar gadhafi is sweeping the
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country. people who have lived in fear for four decades are taking to the street, demanding he go. but the libyan dictator made it clear, he is not going anywhere. i'm very relaxed, he said. i met with my supporters. everything else is being reported falsely by the foreign media. clearly, it is not all false. the violent response to the uprising is chillingly real. >> oh, my god. they are firing at the civilians here. they are crazy. they are going crazy here. >> reporter: with borders closed, telephone and internet shut down, it's impossible to get accurate information. we do know that hundreds have been killed, many mowed down by machine countries while attending funerals of those who died during the uprising. there are signs that ghadafi is losing his iron grip. two libyan air force pilots
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landed their planes in nearby malta and requested asylum, after refusing orders to fire on their own people. and there are other defections, including key members of his inner circle and top diplomats, including the deputy ambassador to the u.n. ghadafi had a phone conversation with the u.n. secretary-general, who urged him to pull back the army. here in tunis, where the revolution began nearly a month ago, the first flights from libya landed. those who arrived had stories of horror. he said from 3:00 to 6:00 in the morning, the shooting did not stop. i could not sleep. jeffrey kofman, abc news, tunis. the leader of bahrain is taking a different attack tick to end protests in his country. the king is trying to engage demonstrators in talks about reform. but the situation could turn more complicated today, when a popular opposition leader is due to return from london. in wisconsin, the union showdown is into its second week now. and neither side seems ready to give an inch. while protesting teachers are expected to return to the classrooms today, the battle is
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very far from over. republican governor, scott walker, says he will not negotiate over his plan to strip collective bargaining rights away from employees in unions. meanwhile, state democrats who are opposed to that say they're not coming back to work until the measure is off the table. and in chicago today, former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel and his rivals for mayor are looking for every last bit of support. voters there head to the polls today to elect a successor to long-time mayor, richard daley. emanuel's opponents are hoping to keep him from getting 50% of the vote. if they do that, it would force a runoff come april. they are digging out and drying out from the midwest to the mid-atlantic. the latest storm to slam the area dumped up to seven inches of snow south of cleveland. it got hit by a second round of snow that tapered off around midnight. drivers are still struggling to get around on a thick layer of ice buried under the snow. and now, for this morning's weather from all around th nation.round th snow ends in washington, d.c.,
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baltimore and philadelphia, with up to six inches on the ground. snowshowers across northern minnesota, michigan and wisconsin. a light mountain snow in the rockies. showers along the pacific coast, from seattle to northern california. >> 54 in sacramento. and mostly 40s from seattle to salt lake city. 20s from fargo to detroit. 42 in kansas city. 33 here in new york. just shy of 70 in atlanta. and a nice-sounding 82 in miami. well, business news is coming up next, including domino's, looks like they're branching out beyond pizza. and new messages from gabby giffords, as the congresswoman now takes to twitter. and we'll update our breaking story. a major earthquake killed dozens in new zealand. ererererererererr
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oil prices are surging again this morning, after the biggest one-day jump in almost three years. rising prices threatened to drive up gas prices and slow down the global economic recovery. and that news is weighing on oversea stocks this morning. tokyo's nikkei average sank 1.8% today. hong kong's hang seng tumbled more than 2%. and in london, the ftse opened lower. on wall street, as they go back to work there, after the long holiday weekend. the dow climbed 118 points last week. meanwhile, the nasdaq added 24 points. aside from oil and the
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unrest overseas, housing and earnings will set the tone on wall street this week. we'll get several, key reports on home prices and sales, as well as earnings from retail giants, including walmart and target. americans are getting comfortable using their credit cards again. consumers charged more during the holidays but avoided runnin. well, with american tourists in mind, chinese companies are building a new megaresort in the baham bahamas. they broke ground yesterday on the $3.4 billion destination. it will have 4 hotels and employ 8,000 workers. the baha mar will open in three years. first, it was pizza. now, it's chicken. domino's is turning its attention to chick opinion. chain is ideaing some new items to its and you, including bone necessary chicken and wings with multiple flavors and sauces. >> pretty good. pizza this early in the morning.
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welcome back. another round of snow is tapering off this morning from the nation's capital, to baltimore and philadelphia. you can see wet streets in washington, d.c. this hour, where the latest storm is leaving the area buried underseveral inches of snow. all that white stuff makes a slippery morning commute on i-5, from d.c. to south of new york city. snow on i-94 from fargo to minneapolis and madison. and a rain-slicked ride on i-5, from seattle to portland. >> if you're heading to the airport today, you can expect
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delays in seattle, philadelphia, and washington, d.c. updating our top stories this mornmorning, a devastating earthquake has rocked new zealand's second-largest city. >> hundreds are feared trapped inside the collapse of several buildings. >> the city was just beginning to recover from another powerful quake that hit last september a few months ago. the prime minister told a shaken nation that this may be new zealand's darkest day. a u.s. warship is keeping a close eye on the yacht carrying two american couples caught by somali pirates. the navy has made contact with the pirates that have been holding the couples hostage since friday. the couple sailed around the horn of africa, despite the hijacking. a missing 10-year-old is now charged with her murder. zahra baker was first reported missing last october. her stepmother was long
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suspected in her disappearance. she's been in custody on charges of obstructing justice in the investigation. a bible retreat ended in tragedy, as a church bus filled with teens careens off a slick highway. the bus was heading home to pasadena, when it crashed head-on, with a suv, and plunged 50 feet down a mountainside and slammed into a street. the bus driver was killed and ten people were seriously hurt. it looks like a go for shuttle "discovery's" final flight. there's an chance80% chance of weather for sunday afternoon. that's when "discovery" is expected to lift off from cape canaveral. the mission involves taking supplies and a robot to the space station. mark kelly received a special online message from his wife, wounded congresswoman, gabby giffords. a giffords staffer tweeted to kelly. giffords thanked the rehab center where she is recovering,
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with a special birthday cake for her husband, which she posted on facebook. there's a new home movie showing president kennedy the night before he was killed. it captures the first couple at an event in houston. the first lady spoke to the latin-american citizens group, in spanish, without notes. you can watch the film on the museum that collects artifacts related to the kennedy assassination. rush limbaugh is taking a swipe at the first lady's campaign of healthier eating. he attacked mrs. obama for eating short ribs during a visit to a restaurant in colorado. he says eating that shows the first lady is a hypocrite. she does not match up with the images of women on the "sports illustrated" swimsuit cover. now, some sports in the apparent of long nba drama. it seems denver nuggets star carmelo anthony, will be traded
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today to the new york knicks. rumors of anthony's move has been swirling for month. now, it only needs league approval. as for college basketball, we get the highlights now from espn news. >> good morning. i'm don bell, with your espn news update. we start with top-25 hoops. kansas and number two jayhawks, taking on oklahoma state. tyshawn taylor suspended indefinitely for violating team r50u8s. later on, marcus morris, his twin brother, sticking the three. under 30 seconds to play. how about marcus morris, oh, get it out. a block on jared shaw. marcus morris, scoring 27 points. to the big east, ibm boeheim and syracuse, taking on villanova. stokes, he scored 21 points.
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syracuse up by three. brandon triche, slicing through the defense. gets the layup. syracuse up by five. under 30 seconds to play. how about this deonty waiter, going down hard. the officials, they overturn that call. just a personal. freiter takes . nova, turning the ball over. syracuse wins, 69-64. to the ice, we go. penguins playing without sidney crosby and evgeni malkin. taking on the capitals. glove save by marc-andre fleury. take another look. hand-eye order nation. later in the second, mike knuble, shot, turned away by johan franzen. off the goal post. or past fleury, i should say.
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capitals win it 1-0. that is all for your espn news update. i'm don bell. now, back to you. here's the rarest sight in baseball this morning. that is cleveland ohio native justine siegel, as she became the first woman ever to pitch batting practice to major leaguers. it happened yesterday in arizona, as she took to the mound to pitch to her favorite team, the indians. on her left sleeve was a patch to honor christina-taylor green. that was the 9-year-old girl killed in the massacre in tucson. >> she must be excited about this. she's 36 now. this is her due. >> not done yet. she will be pitching at the batting practice for the oakland a's. so, congratulations to justine. >> a lot of people excited to see baseball season. that means spring is on the way. >> amen. coming up, the latest on our top story this morning. a deadly quake in new zealand. dozens are dead. and big day for rahm emanuel.
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libyan leader moammar gadhafi to step down. leaders app the u.n., says gadhafi has no chase choice after the government attacked protesters. teachers many at the wisconsin state capital are going back to work today. they are going to continue demonstrations against a budget collective bargains rights. it's election day in chicago, where rahm emanuel is the favorite to be the city's next mayor. the hope among opponents is to keep emanuel from getting 50% of the vote. that would force a runoff in april is. and president obama trvls to cleveland today, where he will meet with business owners and students there, to share his latest outlook on unemployment. coming up later today on "good morning america," important, new research on autism. a new study looks at whether brain waves could help change the way that children are diagnosed. our dr. richard besser will have the latest results on all that. should be a fascinating look at
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well, two heads are usually better than one. but what about two hearts? >> a san diego man just underwent life-saving cardiac surgery. a doctor found a way to make his old heart and his new one beat as one. we'll explain. >> reporter: when two hearts beat as one, it's usually a metaphor for two people being in sync. but tyson smith can claim its literal meaning. >> it's a miracle. >> reporter: you're looking at a miracle. two hearts in smith's chest, after surgery, beating as one. he was born with a condition that enlarged his heart. >> as you grow older, the heart gets bigger. and as it gets bigger, it can't pump effectively. >> reporter: this is a normal heart, about the size of your fist, next to an enlarged heart. you can see from the x-rays how
4:28 am
big smith's got. >> he has three fists or four fists worth of heart. >> reporter: he arrived at the hospital a dying man. his conjective heart failure, coupled with fluid in the lungs, made the transplant impossible. >> it's not used to pumping to a high-resistance, high-pressure system in his lungs. >> reporter: so, dr. jack copeland gave smith a piggyback heart transplant. they now work together to get the job done. >> the one on the right side is pumping most of the blood. this one over here, is pumping 10%, 20%. that's what we want. >> reporter: smith woke up on valentine's day, with both hearts working side-by-side. he had already considered himself fortunate with his family history. >> my dad's side, he passed away
4:29 am
from me when he was 28. >> reporter: now, he knows his scar means much more. >> i got two hearts. i'm living. i feel blessed. that's what's making news i. >> haverica this morning. >> have a great day.y. ♪ i'm jenelle wang. in the headlines 65 dead, buildings leveled, homes destroyed. new zealand's prime minister calling it deadly. i'llrm have a live report. >> live look downtown san francisco. we're on a record watch. we'll see if there's any record cold temperatures for you this morning. we'll talk about snow levels down to 500 feet for the weekend. >> wow! and tuesday i'm watc


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